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Mississippi River Map
Map by Finn.
Enlargement: 610 x 1890pxs.
Mississippi River
A map of the Mississippi approximating its features in the steamboating era, including the Red River connection below Natchez, the town of Napoleon claimed by the river, and the Atchafalaya River distributary branching off the Red River.

Mississippi Watershed
Credit: Mississippi River Basin Alliance.
Enlargement: 1160 x 971pxs.  
Mississippi Basin Watershed

An excellent total watershed map, including a percentage of Canada (usually calculated at 13%), and the impressive reach in the north-west of the Missouri River catchment.
Mississippi Watershed Rivers
Enlargement: 340 x 251pxs.
Primary Mississippi Basin Watershed Rivers

The primary Mississippi Basin watershed rivers are:
~ Missouri
~ Arkansas/Red/White
~ Ohio
~ Tennessee
Mississippi River from Tennessee to Vicksburg
Enlargement: 757 x 2563pxs.
Tennessee to Vicksburg ~ 1862

A detailed map of this section, dated 1862. The next map follows this one in series.

Mississippi River from Vicksburg to Baton Rouge
Enlargement: 733 x 2587pxs.
Vicksburg to Baton Rouge ~ 1862

A detailed map of this section, dated 1862.

Note that Baton Rouge is the ancient terminous of the river, which has built all the land between there and the Gulf.

Mississippi River from Cairo to the Gulf
Credit: Harper's Weekly.  
Enlargement: 939 x 1397pxs.

Cairo to the Gulf ~ 1862

The Mississippi from Cairo to the Gulf, published in Haper's Weekly, January 11, 1862.

Mississippi River from Cairo to the Gulf in 1863
Credit: H.H. Lloyd & Co.
Enlargement: 680 x 2550pxs.

Cairo to the Gulf ~ 1863

'Lloyd's New Map of the Mississippi River' from Cairo to the Gulf, published by H.H. Lloyd and Co. of New York in 1863. The river cartographers were kept busy during the Civil War years. The combatants needed up-to-date maps, and there was an increased public interest resulting from mention of the river in war news as both sides sought to control it.

Mississippi from Lake Itasca to the Gulf
Credit: Cartographer,
Coloney & Fairchild's.
Enlargement: 258 x 9922pxs.

Source, Library of Congress.
Lake Itasca to the Gulf ~ 1866

A ribbon map of the Mississippi from Lake Itasca to the Gulf, designed for the steamboat traveller, and published by Coloney and Fairchild's of St. Louis in 1866. 

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